Everything you need to know about IGCSE Syllabus | International Boards schools in Pune.

International Boards schools in Pune –

Deciding on the right Boards or schools from available options is the greatest worry for parents and finding the perfect school or choosing the right boards for your kids is indeed a difficult task.

international boards schools in pune

Points you need to consider while choosing the best international boards schools in India for your child are the :

  • School’s approach towards education and students.
  • faculties of the school.
  • And last but not least is your Child’s inclinations.
  • And off course fees/distance of the school from your place.

Few key points why you select IGCSE School-

Advantages of IGCSE School

IGCSE is recognized throughout the world by major universities. They offer various benefits to the students like:

  • Maximum chances to get selected by employers worldwide

Best organization worldwide prefers candidates pass out from Cambridge IGCSE School for their Capability and abilities. It is a famous pick for Fortune 500 organizations and other significant organizations or businesses.

  • Getting identified by international universities and colleges

Coming from an IGCSE school is held high respect and if you want your child to study in foreign countries and apply to the best university, this educational program will set up your child with all the necessary skills needed to handle the difficulties of the international institute.

  • Has a focused learning approach

The general development of students depends on a school’s approach that puts the students at the main point of the course. Every student is different and unique in his/her own way considering this point IGCSE school gives personal attention to each and every student.


Significant differences among IGCSE and CBSE Schools

Before you choose the school it is necessary to understand the differences between the IGCSE and CBSE boards because both these boards can affect the overall development of the students in their own manner:

IGCSE vs CBSE: Exams

IGCSE doesn’t have the choice of prescribed syllabus due to which there is a wide scope of learning things differently and in a superior manner. Studying IGCSE Schools can give you the necessary edge when it comes to passing the exam, helping you gain valuable qualifications. Similarly, CBSE follows books by NCERT and reference books that are readily available in the market for providing education to the students.

IGCSE vs CBSE: Focus and Approach

CBSE board schools mainly focus on the subjects like science and maths to improve the knowledge and develop the skills of students for their better future, where IGCSE School helps the students to learn all the subjects equally on their own and helps the students to gain deeper knowledge.

IGCSE vs CBSE: Mode of Instruction

English is the main medium of Instruction in an IGCSE school. The CBSE board is an Indian board that provides all the education to students using English and Hindi as the Mode of Instruction.

IGCSE vs CBSE: Difference of Subjects

IGCSE School offers 70 different subjects from which students can choose the subjects according to their interests. All the instruction and education is given to the students in the English language and each subject provides worldwide knowledge to the students. In the CBSE board, English is the compulsory subject and is mainly used in all the streams i.e., Commerce, Arts, and science.

If you want your child to study in the best school, then you must choose the school which provides all the good facilities for your child where they can develop their knowledge and skills. This will hopefully help parents to make the right decision for their child’s better future and life.

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