Phase Change Materials with Insulated Packaging: The Solution to Long-Term Shipping Problems

phase change materials with insulated packaging the solution to long term shipping problems

What is Phase Change Materials(PCM) ?

Phase change materials are materials with a high latent heat that can be used to preserve the temperature of objects. They have a phase change from solid to liquid at a specific temperature. This phenomenon is called phase transition, and it is reversible.

Phase change materials is a type of material that can change its phase at a specific temperature. Phase change materials (PCM) is a good choice for temperature sensitive products that need to be shipped in cold chains. 

In the past, it was necessary for these products to be loaded into an insulated container and have ice blocks put on top of them. Now, PCM can be used instead of ice blocks and has some significant benefits.

How Phase Change Materials Works ?

Phase change materials are a type of material that absorb or release heat when the surrounding temperature changes. This can be done very quickly, which allows these materials to act as an efficient and cost-effective form of heating.

Phase change materials are substances that have the ability to change from solid to liquid and vice versa. They are used in many applications, but most notably for the preservation of sensitive products during shipping.

They are typically used to keep products at a constant temperature and can absorb or release heat in order to maintain the desired temperature throughout shipping.

Applications like Pharmaceutical companies use phase change materials to keep their products at a certain temperature, which is crucial for maintaining the stability of drugs. PCMs are used in pharma because they can be used to create heat and cold packs that are safe to use, as well as being able to store the heat or cold for long periods of time.

How are Phase Change Materials Used in Shipping ?

Phase change materials are the most common material used in shipping. They are used to keep the temperature of the product constant during transportation without damaging the product.

Phase change materials are used to keep the temperature of the shipment within a certain range. They are usually used in refrigerated containers and trucks.The phase change material is usually made from a chemical compound.

Shipments require a variety of packaging materials and phase change material products are an essential component. Phase change material products are able to keep their temperature within a predetermined range to maintain the integrity of the product. 

They can be used with or without insulation, depending on the need and there are many different types of phase change materials available for shipping.

What is Cold Chain Transportation And Its Importance?


What are the Benefits of Phase Change Materials ?

With the rise in global temperature, phase change materials are becoming an essential tool for shipping temperature sensitive products. These materials can lower the thermal conductivity of water and various other liquids and therefore reduce heat transfer. They are able to keep products outside of their ideal temperature range for an extended period of time.

The benefits of using PCMs include increased product safety, a more consistent product quality and less risk of spoilage and damage. Phase change materials help to keep food and other products at a desired temperature level during shipping. Check out below benefits of PCMs

a) Phase change materials are environmentally friendly. These materials are typically made of non-toxic, non-hazardous substances that can be disposed of in a variety of ways.

b) Phase change materials are durable, long-lasting products. These products can withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit and temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

c) Phase change materials provide insulation when they are converted from a liquid to a solid.

d) Keep food and meal kit items at a safe temperature for a longer time.

e) Maintain the temperature of a laboratory sample for various tests

f) PCMs are used in vaccine storage to maintain the vaccines at an appropriate temperature, ensure that they remain cold throughout the entire delivery process, and to help protect them from fluctuating temperatures.

What are Different Types of Phase Change Materials Products Used in Shipping?

Different phase change materials products are used for a variety of purposes in shipping. For example, ice packs are often used to keep perishable goods frozen during transport. Dry ice is another type of material that is used to keep the temperature of the cargo at a constant low level.

Products like ice packs, ice blocks, PCM Mats and phase change blankets are used in a variety of industries including agriculture, food industry,and the pharma industry. Check out widely used PCM products for shipping and in cold chain packaging

Ice Packs for Cold Chain Transportation/Shipping

Use of ice packs in cold chain transportation and shipping has been the standard for decades. The cold chain is the process that aims to keep temperature-sensitive goods such as vaccines, blood, food, and organs in a very narrow range of temperatures. These goods are transported between two points using iced containers and ice packs.

Phase Change Materials(PCM) Mats

These days, shipping companies and pharma companies are considering the use of flexible pcm mats as a way to protect their products. These mats can be folded and rolled up for easy transport, cost less than other packaging options, and are more environmentally friendly.

Biodegradable pcm mats are the future of sustainable shipping and packaging. They can be used to package any product, from food to medical supplies. Not only are these mats biodegradable, but they also have less of an impact on our environment.

PCM Water Blankets

PCM water blankets are manufactured by a variety of companies and are used in shipping and pharma production. They have a range of benefits including insulation, protection from chemical spills, and thermal stability which can be controlled by the user.

PCM Water blankets are an effective form of insulation for the transportation, storage, and handling of temperature-sensitive medical products.

Hard Bottles PCMs

These PCMs are perfect for shipping temperature-sensitive products when used in warehouses or packing environments because they are a durable alternative to traditional inexpensive flexible gel packs.

It offers excellent resistance to compression and breakage, ensuring that the product is not leaked. Dense-high density polyethylene and unstiffened-straight polyethylene plastic are the most common materials used.

Application where Phase Change Materials Used

Phase change materials are used in many industries. They have a wide range of applications.

1) Phase change materials are used in the food industry as they can be used to keep food items fresh and also to maintain the temperature of the food item during transportation.

2) Phase change materials are a new technology that is used in vaccine applications. They are more efficient and can be used for a wide range of vaccines. To keep vaccines at desired temperature.

3) Phase change materials are used in meal kits to keep food at the desired temperature.

4) Widely used in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical transportations

Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are materials that can change their physical state from solid to liquid and vice versa. PCMs have the potential to revolutionize transportation by enabling the transport of temperature sensitive goods without refrigeration. If you are looking for products or solutions to avoid trouble during transportation of temperature-sensitive products do check Tempaid for all cold chain packaging solutions and PCMs products.