What are Taco’s & its History?


Taco, an internationally famous hand sized food product of Mexican origin pairing meat that is seasoned, vegetables, and other fillings and also served within a folded or maybe rolled flour or corn tortilla.

Tacos are believed to come from Mexico, well before the Spanish arrived. Age-old Mexicans used freshly made, very soft, dull corn tortillas and provided them with fillings as fish and cooked organs. It absolutely was a staple meal which provided important energy and nutrients to people who consumed it.

These tacos did not include the cheese, sour cream, lettuce, and tomato that we connect with the food nowadays. In reality, the taco as we realize it’s under a hundred years of age.

Word Taco Origin-

The term “taco” is very new.

Its Origin is from Mexican silver miners. Gunpowder was wrapped in a paper such as a “taquito” and placed into rocks prior to detonation.

By this particular time, tacos have been referred to as the meals of the working class, including miners. This resulted in the lightweight block food of theirs being called “tacos de minero”, likewise referred to as “miner’s tacos”.

The tortilla in these miner’s tacos wasn’t a difficult U shaped shell like we realize these many days. Instead, it will have been a corn tortilla with a spicy filling. This day’s staple was affordable, delicious, and filling.

That Crunchy Shell:

The pre-fried u-shaped taco shell we love didn’t enter into existence until the 1940s. Mexicans patented the principle first to expedite the taco making process.Taco Bell took this notion ten years later to streamline the operations of theirs.

Earlier, tacos were prepared to order and were only soft tacos. The integrated crunchy taco shell made it much less hard to mass create the taco in America

Tacos As a Future:

The potential future of tacos looks excellent. As self-assured chefs generate the actual taste of house, the cultural exchange just deepens America’s appreciation for Mexico’s early taco. As an outcome, you are able to see much more fusion tacos beginning to be. In reality, you are able to taste tacos which embrace flavors from Mexico and around the world at Blue Goose Cantina a well known mexcian restaurant in Dallas TX.

Here you are able to find tacos filled with sour cream, lettuce, and fresh tomato together with the genuine taste of cilantro.

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Some Famous Tacos Served Here:

  1. Og Tacos

Two pulled chicken or ground beef tacos in a crispy or soft tortilla topped with lettuce, tomato & cheese. Served with Spanish rice & frijoles refritos.

  1. Slow-roasted Brisket Tacos

Two slow-roasted brisket tacos, served in our pillow-soft tortillas, topped with fresh cilantro, onions and our signature salsa fresca. Served with Spanish rice & charro beans.

  1. Impossible Tacos

Two char-grilled corn tortillas tacos stuffed with Impossible meat, an unbelieveably tasty plant-based protein indistinguishable from the real deal. Topped with pico de gallo, queso fresco & roasted salsa. Served with poblano lime rice & black beans.

  1. Tacos Dorados

Three fried corn tortillas rolled with pulled chicken. Topped with salsa verde, chopped lettuce, sour cream, pico de gallo & queso fresco. Served with Spanish rice & charro beans.

  1. Augie’s Street Tacos

Combination of mesquite grilled fajita chicken & steak* atop six grilled mini corn tortillas topped with fresh cilantro, onions & a side of warm salsa verde.

Check out the menu & come experience these wonderful tastes for you today!