Windstorm Inspection – Essential Protection For Homeowners

Windstorm Inspection – Essential Protection For Homeowners

windstorm inspection - essential protection for homeowners

A windstorm inspection, also called a hurricane hazard inspection, windstorm inspection or wind damage inspection, is a form of home inspection typically found in the low-lying coastal areas of the Southeastern United States. Typically a person seeking a windstorm inspection is someone who has lived in an area that experiences flooding at least one year in the past. An inspection is a visual examination of any structure that presents a threat to the building’s integrity from the movement of rain, ice, snow, blown debris or any other form of precipitation. In many cases, the examination will also include a video inspection of the home. A windstorm inspection is designed to identify areas of concern and areas that may need repairs or renovations in preparation of a hurricane or other potential catastrophic weather event.

The National Weather Service (NWS) offers windstorm coverage. When searching for a professional windstorm inspection Texas service it is important to find one that is insured, but also offers the added benefit of comprehensive inspections. Many inspectors who are professionally insured will offer windstorm inspections as well as general inspections on residential properties. The benefits of a comprehensive inspection should be sought after, especially when a home is on the market. The insurance policy will cover not only the structure of the home but also any existing structures on the property and the appliances within the home. With a comprehensive inspection the inspector will also inspect the electrical system, the heating and cooling system, the plumbing system, the drainage system and the exterior structure.

An inspection performed on a home located in a coastal area is known as a windstorm inspection and is commonly referred to as a windstorm insurance inspection.The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has determined that the area described in this definition encompasses all 50 states.

The National Windstorm Insurance Inspection is usually given on homes that are also located in the National Hurricane Protection Zone. The National Windstorm Insurance Inspection is also given on homes that are also located in National Severe Storm Outposts Areas (SSOAs). The coverage of these two different kinds of inspections are quite similar. Both covers the same things. However the level of coverage that is provided for a particular home that is insured under a windstorm policy may be slightly different depending on whether the home is also located in a SSOA or not.

There are different kinds of coverage that are provided for these kinds of policies. The most basic form of coverage that is provided for a windstorm inspection in Texas is a property protection policy. This will cover all aspects related to the structural integrity of a home, and the integrity of any associated equipment. The policy will also cover damage that may result from any associated flood, and also any deterioration that may occur due to age of the home.

Any major systems that are associated with a home, like plumbing or electrical work, would also be covered in this type of policy. In some cases the windstorm inspection also includes a review of documents relating to the condition of the foundation and major supporting structures of a home. Any improvements that need to be made to a home, in terms of an addition to a home, would also be covered in this policy. Also, any building that has been placed on a plateau or other area that is at a height above the ground level would also be covered in a windstorm inspection.

A more detailed policy that would include comprehensive inspections of a home is one that is available from a reputable contractor. The cost of a windstorm coverage for a homeowner varies greatly depending on where the home is located. On the east coast, where the risk of damage due to hurricanes is the greatest, a typical policy can run as much as three hundred dollars. This cost is well worth it to a coastal homeowner who is protecting his or her investment. A thorough inspection is the best way to ensure that a home is safe from the destructive forces of nature.