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5 Best Group Health Insurance Broker in Dallas Fort Worth TX

5 Best Group Health Insurance Broker in Dallas Fort Worth TX

What is Group Health Insurance and Why Does it Matter?

Group health insurance is a type of health insurance that is available to groups of people who have common interests or needs. Group plans are usually offered by employers, unions, professional associations, and other organizations. This type of coverage typically offers more affordable premiums and lower deductibles than individual plans, which can make them a good option for small businesses and the self-employed.

The group plan is also more convenient for employees because they don’t need to worry about finding an individual plan that meets their needs and the employer can pay all or part of the premium cost.

What is a Group Health Insurance Broker?

5 best group health insurance broker in dallas fort worth tx

A Group Health Insurance broker’s job is to provide clients with an overview of the different types of group health insurance plans and to help them select the plan that best suits their needs and budget. The broker will also work with employers to determine how much coverage they need for their employees and then help them set up a plan for their business.

What You Need to Know About Group Health Insurance Coverage?

Group health insurance coverage is a type of insurance that covers many people who are in a group. It is a way to share the risk and cost of healthcare.

It is a type of insurance that people can purchase to get access to medical care. They are often more affordable than individual health insurance, and they offer a variety of benefits.

The following are some things you should know about group health insurance coverage:-

  1.  Group health insurance covers employees, their spouses, and their dependents
  2.  These plans usually include a wide range of benefits
  3.  You may be eligible for tax breaks if you purchase group health insurance
  4.  There are certain types of plans available depending on your needs and budget

What Makes a Good Group Health Plan?

Group health plans are a type of insurance that is offered to employees by their employer. Group health plans are often cheaper than individual insurance because the employer shares the cost with the employee. The benefits of a group plan depend on what the employer offers. Some employers offer different levels of coverage, such as: –

  1. Basic Coverage- This is basic insurance coverage, which might cover the cost of an individual’s hospitalization. Additionally, some may include coverage for sickness and maternity care, but not dental and vision.
  2. Low Cost Coverage- Low-cost coverage is a type of employer-offered healthcare insurance that has lower premiums and less generous coverage. These policies may have higher deductibles and co-pays than traditional plans, in exchange for lower monthly premiums.
  3. Moderate Coverage- In this case, the employer may pay a certain percent of premiums, or employee may pay his/her own premium.- High Coverage- In this case, employee pays no premiums and the employer covers 100% of the cost.
  4. High Deductible Coverage- High Deductible Coverage is typically a more affordable option because it typically has a lower monthly premium. However, this means the individual will need to pay a larger share of medical bills until they meet their deductible.
  5. Network Coverage- this is a lower deductible plan that covers only 80% of covered services, with the remaining 20% paid as an out-of-pocket expense. – – HMO Coverage
  6. Family Coverage- Basic Plan includes options for dental coverage, vision coverage, and basic hospitalization inpatient/outpatient insurance. A Family Plan includes all of the benefits of a Basic Plan plus maternity care, pediatric care (from birth to age 18), and pediatric prescription drug coverage.
  7. Comprehensive Coverage- this is the most expensive option and covers everything- with no out-of-pocket expenses. This type of coverage is best for people who want to be covered for anything. It has the highest monthly premium but is often worth it.


If your business needs a health insurance broker plan for your employees, then you should check out health insurance agencies in Texas. Below are 5 best group health insurance company. They offer competitive quotes, excellent customer service, and a variety of plans. They’ll work with your benefits manager to determine which policies will best suit your needs. While the conventional employer-provided plan is still very popular, many employers are rethinking their options.

Check out 5 best group health insurance broker in group health insurance broker in Dallas TX – 

1. Holloway Benefit Concepts

holloway benefit concepts logo

HBC was founded in early 2011 by Ryan Holloway. After serving over 8 years on active duty in the US Marine Corps, Ryan transitioned from being a full-time marine into an HR professional in early 2003. This began a journey and awoke a passion for helping companies who value their employees. After spending time working with a COBRA and FSA Administrator, an insurance company, and a large brokerage, Ryan realized that there were more unique and creative solutions for businesses than other companies were willing or able to realize. Seizing on his own entrepreneurial spirit, Ryan set out to found an independent agency designed to provide unique and original insurance solutions. They are an expert* group health insurance broker in fort worth TX.

2. HealthGuys

health guys logo

HealthGuys provides comprehensive insurance solutions to the individual and self employed markets. HealthGuys professional agents consult with the customer to help them understand the many options available and then help them select the best insurance product to meet their needs. They are a sales distribution company licensed in over 40 states centered around a culture where the agent is their #1 asset. They provide comprehensive insurance solutions to the individual and self employed markets. HealthGuys professional agents consult with the customer to help them understand the many options available and then help them select the best product to meet their needs. 

3. Hawkins Insurance Group

hawkins insurance group logo

Hawkins Insurance Group is a family-owned insurance agency run by a husband & wife team, Jonathan and Emily Hawkins. They are both graduates of The University of Texas at Austin and live in FW, TX. They’re passionate about finding great insurance options for you, as well as providing you with the knowledge to make the right decisions for you and your family or business. In the last 10 years, they’ve helped well-over two thousand clients better understand their available options and helped save them countless dollars while maintaining or improving their original healthcare coverage.

4. Custom Health Plans INC

custom health plans inc logo

Based in Dallas, Texas, their team of professionals has more than 30 years of experience in the health insurance and financial services fields. Their integrated suite of online services and partnerships with top health insurance carriers positions them to offer the highest level of service and guarantees the best health insurance quotes in Texas.

With Custom Health Plans, you can browse your health insurance options and receive the best Texas Health insurance quotes. They invite you to compare prices and benefits side-by-side from the largest selections of affordable Texas health insurance plans from leading companies nationwide.

5. Blackburn Insurance

blackburn insurance logo

The Blackburn Insurance Agency, Inc provides insurance to businesses in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Dallas, FW TX, Austin, All of, and surrounding areas.

As an employer in today’s business world, The Blackburn Insurance Agency, Inc knows how important it is to provide health insurance to the most valuable asset of your business – your employees. By providing each employee with a plan that meets his or her expectations, it can help your business lower turnover and keep a staff that’s healthy and insured with peace of mind.

At The Blackburn Insurance Agency, Inc, they’re proud to offer a variety of Insurance plans for small to mid-sized businesses – for quality assurance and additional benefits. Their health insurance specialists will work with you one-on-one to develop a group plan that’s not only affordable, but complements your business’s needs.

The above article will help you to find best group health insurance broker in Fort Worth Tx. Finding the right health insurance can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! We help you find the best options for your needs. Our goal is to connect people with the best local experts.