5 Best Supply Chain Management Software

5 best supply chain management software

There are a number of reasons why a business needs to have a good supply chain management system. The software helps to ensure that the stock is flowing continuously throughout the business without any interruptions to the deliveries. This prevents the production processes from stopping abruptly, which could affect the customer service.

The software can also help your company bring down costs and ensure that the best supplier is selected. This is among the most important principles of stock management and procurement. Ensure that you are getting the best quality stock at the lowest possible price.

The supply chain Management applications provide real time analytical systems that control the flow of merchandise and info across the supply chain network. They are created to enhance SCM activities such as supplier sourcing, transportation planning, production planning, inventory planning, demand planning.

Ceres Technology

ceres technology

Ceres Technology is a leader in AI-driven supply chain management solutions that enable companies to reduce their risk and increase resiliency by finding patterns & trends in data to predict upstream disruptions, often months in advance. Organizations today are confronted with business challenges, evolving customer expectations, changing market conditions, and other global events. Ceres Technology provides the best supply chain management software to help enhance and improve overall flow of business. The team at Ceres rises to the challenge by offering customers:

  • Business Agility
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Continuous Innovation
  • Forward-Looking Insights


e2open 1

E2open is a web based supply chain management system that is designed to deliver a demand-driven and responsive supply chain. The features of E2open consist of supply chain management, supply chain analytics, order processing management, inventory management, warehouse management, transport management, sourcing and procurement, client collaboration, supplier management, and supply chain planning. Integration of existing data is possible without losing any data. E2open’s supply chain monitoring makes it possible for advanced shipment notification management for customized notifications and in transit status updates. Supply chain analytics enables you to accurately forecast the analysis, management of data integration and analysis of data, stock analysis, transport analysis and warehouse analysis.


sap scm

SAP Supply Chain Management makes use of emerging technologies like AI and the Internet of things to offer users with greater visibility as well as enhanced analytics to help them in planning, delivering and sourcing the right materials and goods at the proper time. SAP SCM provides a variety of SCM software including SAP integrated business planning, SAP extended warehouse management and supply chain collaboration. SAP Integrated Business planning is a real time supply chain Planning program that connects stakeholders from all over the user’s organization and incorporates sales and operations planning (S&OP), demand and supply planning and inventory optimization so that users are able to meet demands rapidly and profitably.



Advanced analytics and optimized planning are provided by Logility, a supply chain management program that can help you compete at your best. The Logility digital supply chain makes use of smart and intelligent solutions to enable you to respond proactively to what is going on in the market. Logility’s advanced analytics as well as collaborative scenario analysis can help you resolve the toughest retail and supply chain challenges. Key features of Logility include the improvement of supply, inventory optimization, integrated business planning, supply optimization, management of master records, optimization of retail and transportation management.

Infor SCM


Infor SCM is a supply chain management program that brings together advanced capabilities in planning, execution and finance with the GT Nexus Commerce Network to enable businesses to attain the control and speed required to participate in today’s market. The Nexus commerce network and Infor SCM combine to provide faster actionable insights throughout the supply chain. The Infor SCM additionally provides an amazing platform for solving relevant challenges and problems including unexpected disruptions by providing real-time insights and better visibility across the whole supply chain. Key features of Infor SCM consist of supply operations, sales, planning, and chain visibility planning (Op&S), warehouse management, supplier collaboration, procure-to-pay automation, supply chain finance, and transportation management.

When it comes to finding the best supply chain management software for your organization, there are a lot of factors which need to be considered. The above article will help you make a proper decision.