Benefits of Thermal Cameras to Detect Body Temperature in Covid19 Pandemic

benefits of thermal cameras

Thermal cameras are becoming increasingly popular for detecting elevated body temperatures. They are also more accurate than traditional thermometers and are capable of taking a wide range of measurements. These cameras are also extremely sensitive, so you can use them to detect even the tiniest of changes in body temperature. These devices are also useful for medical research, and they are increasingly becoming available in homes and offices.

Infrared cameras are very sensitive and effective in detecting COVID-19. Using a thermal camera to monitor the body temperature is a reliable way to detect the temperature of a person. The device can be used in a variety of settings and can be installed in any room, including medical settings. For example, hospitals, schools, malls etc.

Top 5 Benefits of Infrared Camera Temperature Screening

1. Check Temperature from a Safe Social Distance

With the help of infrared cameras, people can now check their body temperature from a safe social distance. Unlike the traditional method of checking body temperature one by one, thermal cameras can be used to check body temperature by maintaining safe distance. These cameras are mostly used in public places so that body temperature can be easily detected.

2. Keep the Masses Moving

In crowded places like airports, schools, hospitals people need to wait for temperature screening this might increase the risk of spreading infection. But with the help of infrared cameras there is no need to wait for temperature screening at any place. The cameras installed will detect people with high body temperature in seconds due to which people can keep moving.

3. Get Accurate Results

The most important benefit of infrared temperature screening is its accuracy. Using an infrared camera to measure skin temperature is quick, safe, and easy. It can be customized to your company’s needs and is highly accurate. You can find many infrared cameras and thermal imaging training through ICI. The ICI also offers training for the proper use of these tools.

4. Provide a Passive Precaution

Benefit of using infrared cameras is that it is “passive” , meaning the instruments do not emit any radiation. They only detect temperature radiating from the surface of the body. That is why these cameras are very safe to use.

5. Promote a Sense of Safety

The use of infrared cameras to detect body temperature is a great way to detect an illness. It’s a good way to avoid exposing yourself to infections and other diseases that can spread throughout a crowd. And it’s not just for medical use. It’s also great for public health. If you have a crowd of people, an infrared camera is a great way to identify illness and prevent infection.

The Best Infrared Cameras to Check for Elevated Skin Temperature

Here are some leading solutions available on the market today for businesses and organizations that want to ramp up their safety measures in the wake of this ubiquitous pandemic.

i) vIRalert 2 – AMETEK Land Instruments

ii) FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

iii) SEC-BODYTEMPCAM1 – InVid Tech 

Thermal camera technology is a new way of detecting diseases and viruses. The device uses an infrared light to detect the heat emitted by your body, which can be used to determine if you are healthy or not. Network cabling services is the company that has the capability to enhance the security and safety of your organization through the use of the latest advances in thermal imaging and infrared technology.