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5 Best NFT Marketing Agencies in 2022 – Top Choice in Industry

5 Best NFT Marketing Agencies in 2022 – Top Choice in Industry

Lets Start with basic before we move for the 5 Best NFT Marketing Agencies in Crypto Industry

What is NFT market?

NFTs are digital assets used to represent non-fungible tokens or unique digital objects such as collectibles or tradable game items. The price of the tokens is controlled by supply and demand. It’s not possible to have more than one token of a specific digital asset. Nonfungible tokens were created in order to solve the problems associated with traditional fungible token systems such as security, scalability and privacy the ERC-721 standard, nonfungible tokens are created in order to solve these three problems. One common use of nonfungible tokens is for ownership and transfer of gaming items such as collectibles and trading cards.

What is NFT Marketplace?

NFT Marketplace is a decentralized market where people can trade ownership of digital assets like cryptocurrencies and tokens. The idea was to create a place where people could buy and sell digital assets without the interference of centralized authorities. NFT Marketplace is not just an exchange that deals in cryptocurrencies. It also provides an ecosystem for the trading of physical goods, such as cars, real estate, or collectibles.

The goal of NFT Marketplace is to create a global marketplace for trading digital assets and collectibles. The platform allows users to trade their digital assets with other users through smart contracts, which is the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How NFT Marketplace works?

The NFT Marketplace is an anonymous, decentralized marketplace where users can trade their digital assets – NFTs. This system works with a user-friendly interface and features peer-to-peer trading of cards, virtual cats, game items & more. The NFT marketplace is not a game and does not come with any games. Cards from the game will appear in the marketplace, but they are only there to use them as a base for trading. The NFT marketplace is not an associated company of CryptoKitties or Axiom Zen, it’s an independent platform.

What is NFT Marketing?

NFT marketing is a form of marketing that uses the blockchain to disrupt their existing model. It has been described as the future of digital advertising. The process behind NFT marketing allows advertisers to be able to promote their product or service by directly rewarding consumers in a decentralized way.

NFT marketing is a new type of marketing based on the concept of tokenization. It enables marketers to create new opportunities for in-store, out-of-store, and online sales by tapping into the power of blockchain technology.

What is an NFT Marketing Agency?

An NFT marketing agency specializes in digital marketing services for NFT niche. They use the latest tactics, technologies and strategies to reach the target audience and spread the word about their clients NFT brand online through the most effective channels. NFT marketing agencies leverage their full range of digital marketing expertise to promote and develop NFT brands, build and maintain a robust online presence, engage with the audience with content that is highly relevant and promote the brand to increase its market value. NFT Marketing agencies offers a wide range of services from digital marketing, social media management, website design and SEO.

Looking for the Proven Best NFT Marketing Strategy

5 Best NFT Marketing Agencies in 2022

1. Blockwiz Solutions Ltd

blockwiz - best nft marketing agency

Founded in 2019, Blockwiz now stands among the top Crypto & NFT marketing agencies. They have over 70 NFT marketing team professionals on staff that have worked on over 150+ profitable crypto projects. They provide data-driven cryptocurrency marketing programs to help crypto firms get the most value and work more efficiently. Blockwiz’s award-winning community moderating staff makes it simple to administer your blockchain networks on Telegram and Discord with their NFT influencer marketing service.

Their video production team can assist in producing high-quality content to boost interaction on social media.

The Blockwiz SMM team creates different content types such as polls, questionnaires, and incentives. They keep their targeted audience interested by posting regular reports on specified social media sites. As their NFT marketing services content writing team helps develop emails and websites that are page-turning, optimized for search engines, and designed to convey your brand’s message, attracting more customers.

Blockwiz Top Clients:

  1. Hubble

  2. CryptoBiz

  3. Cobidez

Visit their website Here



ICODA is a cryptocurrency advertising firm with a strong reputation among the industry. It helps blockchain-based enterprises attain their peak performance by ensuring that quality content depicts an advanced understanding of blockchain technology and high ROI ads are generated.  ICODA has been a valuable asset in helping new businesses get their start. Even more so with the help of professionals possessing experience in promotion and cryptocurrency.

Leveraging AI-powered research and personal features, they’ve been able to provide standard liquidity on cryptocurrency exchanges. Additionally, they have a wide range of strategies in place to maximize the number of trade activities and generate extra liquidity for their investors.

If you’re looking for professional marketing services, ICODA provides a very comprehensive range. They’ll help you open your first cryptocurrency account, get listed on popular cryptocurrency markets, and learn how to use it.

Visit their website Here

3. Coinbound


Coinbound is a crypto marketing agency based in New York and Los Angeles. They have recently partnered with OKEx, ShapeShift, and eToro which just to name a few. It’s hard to argue with a company that provides such a high level of service to its customers and turns their investments into profits for both the company and their clients. It’s no wonder then that their marketing campaigns are always profitable.

PPC drives a lot of business and it’s essential to have a good plan going forward. When you have good tools in place, an effective strategy that provides results, and influencer programs in the right hands your product will flourish. Coinbound is among the few companies in the list that uses 4chan as well as Reddit social platforms for their organic development.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency, with experience in dealing with the big names in the crypto industry and a long list of clients like Astro, Nexo, OKcoin – then Coinbound is your option.

Visit their website Here



2018 Since it started, has handled both simple and advanced projects with great success, and made its way to the top of blockchain marketing firms. They are among the few who provide services quickly and that provide a high-level of quality. That’s why many of the crypto companies use them for their marketing campaigns. helps businesses with online visibility through collaborating with industry powerhouses like Yahoo Finance and Cointelegraph. offers advertising and marketing services to cryptocurrency, DeFi projects. Their techniques and focus seem to support a wide range of crypto brands. also has experience with ICOs and crypto listings on well-known exchanges. Now, the organization states that it has completed several projects and that numerous DAO tokens have been offered on major markets.

Visit their website Here

5. NinjaPromo


Established in 2017, NinjaPromo is an agency with influence around the world. They help brands connect with their customers by creating personal connections in this digital world. Most of them are still with them. The key to their success? they bring personal to digital.

NinjaPromo is a pioneer in the world of blockchain-related social media marketing and advertising. The team at smart ICO Services successfully developed content and strategies for more than 20 blockchain companies. Their PR, advertising, and influencer marketing was successful in helping many projects with Bitcoin start-ups to find traction in the competitive cryptocurrency realm.

NinjaPromo drives all aspects of social media marketing tactics by implementing innovative approaches. In addition, as we mentioned earlier, NinjaPromo believes in using a comprehensive approach to SMM. There’s no need to worry about any information your Crypto campaign would give up, because it will be held within the secure and confidential NinjaPromo platform.

Visit their website Here

Top 10 NFT Marketing Pros of hiring NFT Marketing Agencies

There are many advantages of hiring a Crypto Marketing Agency. These include:

1. A crypto marketing agency can help you grow your community and brand.

2. They can help you build relationships with the crypto community, influencers and entrepreneurs and gain traction online.

3. They can help you build the products and services you want to offer, whether they’re apps or ICO guides

4. They can help you establish your name and create a brand that people trust

5. They provide their services at a price lower than hiring someone in house

6. They have a profit motive and will do whatever it takes to make money

7. They have had the time and resources to develop a large, loyal following

8. They can help you in everything from initial strategy to execution.

9. They can help you promote your brand on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit.

  1. They can help you develop your website and search engine optimization.

You can find a number of marketing agencies, but when it comes down to finding the right one, you need to look for some key benefits. For example, The Best NFT Marketing Agency is one that helps you to get the desired exposure and benefits that you want.

The key is to find the one that works best for your business. If you are looking for something with a bit of a difference, then one of the above names may be the one for you. As we know they all come with unique features, there are plenty of different ones to choose from and that can help find which one you need for your project. You do need to get the most out of these tools by following the advice of a professional. It’s convenient to go with a service that specializes in the area of your business where you will use them.

A professional agency can make your marketing project stand out in a way that will increase its outcomes and make you more money. They’re also great for improving the overall look, feel, and exposure of your project. You can get personalized attention and customized solutions in the end. Try Blockwiz as the Best NFT Marketing Agency features give you a competitive advantage that can help you to achieve more from your project.

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