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Discover the Latest Range of Electric Bicycles from Top Makers in Mumbai

Discover the Latest Range of Electric Bicycles from Top Makers in Mumbai


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Stepping ahead towards environmental conservation, one can observe new means employed to do general life tasks instead of conventional ones. With changing times, the means of transport have also changed significantly. Due to their efficiency, convenience, and environmental friendliness, e-bikes are growing in popularity. They are a terrific option for anyone searching for a pleasant and environmentally friendly form of transportation because they may be used for commuting, leisure, or fitness. E-bicycles are a new go-to option for people who want to opt for smart travel. High performance, sturdy construction and top-notch stability are some of the many elements this means of transport offers. 

Prime features of E-bicycles:

  • An excellent choice for all the fitness freaks out there 
  • Environment-friendly vehicle
  • Unisex means of transport that can be used by anyone and everyone around

Therefore, after going through all these points mentioned above, are you looking forward to using this means of transport for your commute? 

We are right here to give you an insight into this. A busy city like Mumbai boasts of its traffic, but having an e-bicycle amidst this hustle and bustle could be one wise choice. Let’s look into e-bicycle in Mumbai and electric cycle companies that offer a wide range of smart transportation means. Choose according to your needs based on the features and your budget. 

●Hero Lectro Clix 26T SS Single Speed Electric Cycle- 

hero lectro

Coming up with a frame size of 17 inches, this can be a good choice for the ones searching for e-bicycles in Mumbai. The price on Amazon is around Rs. 28,000. You can check out various websites to compare the price and look for the best deal suitable for common roads. 

●Transil E1 Bicycle-

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The Transil E1 bicycle is a popular electric bike that offers a comfortable and efficient riding experience. It features a powerful electric motor that allows riders to travel long distances and at impressive speeds easily. The bike also comes with a high-quality battery that provides ample power to the motor and ensures long-lasting performance. 

●NIBE Motors Electric Cycle- 

nibel1 logo

Not just fitness freaks but people looking to get into some adventure can have a look at this e-bicycle in Mumbai. It has front and rear disc brakes and costs around Rs. 37,000 on the Amazon website. 

●Lectro Clix 26T Single Speed Electric Cycle-

hero lectro

This E-bicycle in Mumbai and the electrical company that offers it guarantees you a smooth travel to your destination. It is an affordable deal that ranges from around Rs. 26,000. You can choose wisely by investing your money into this option with 5.8 AH, back cells ip67 and lithium ion battery. 

●E-Motorrad TRex+ Unisex Electric Bicycle-

5nfumru 1

Costing around Rs. 38,000 on Amazon, this e-bicycle in Mumbai boasts splendid features like 7-speed Shimano gears and dual disc brakes. The ones who are finding to have many characteristics in a single product can go for this one. 

●Geekay Hashtag Electric Mountain Bicycle-


With single-speed gear, this E-bicycle in Mumbai is one of the wise choices that a buyer can make. You can purchase this product for around Rs. 29,000 on the Amazon website. 

●E-Motorad EMX Electric Cycle 27.5″ Wheel Size-

5nfumru 2

Available for around Rs. 53,000 on the Amazon website, this e-bicycle can come out as a great deal for buyers who have a bit of a good budget and are looking for a convenient way to travel. The key feature of this e-bicycle is that it has 21-speed options to choose from. 

After having a better insight into the available E-bicycles in Mumbai and the electrical companies that offer buyers such reliable choices, one can decide to get one for themselves. Not only does it facilitate the conservation of the environment, but it also comes up with features that improve your cycling experience. From fast and more efficient travel to being affordable, this means of transport has it all. One does not require a high maintenance cost while having an e-bicycle. The maintenance can be taken in less amount of money. As the world is now leading towards renewable sources, E-bicycle is always a wise choice and should be opted by everyone who is looking to go for smart and convenient travel. Be a smart buyer and choose to travel smartly because you can contribute significantly towards environmental conservation if you go for E-bicycles in Mumbai as the city that is filled up with transport on its roads can definitely benefit from such great travel means.