Endless Fun With The Best Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles in Canada

best wooden jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have always been a popular game for individuals of different age groups. The best wooden jigsaw puzzles can ensure countless hours of fun. You could always gift your child a jigsaw puzzle as a means of healthy recreation. Brands trying to stand out from the rest often use custom jigsaw puzzles as corporate gifts. A jigsaw puzzle is a great way to spread the message of your brand uniquely.

How to choose the best wooden jigsaw puzzles?

Choosing the right puzzle is crucial in ensuring that the one solving it enjoys doing so. For instance, a puzzle piece meant for children may not be as appealing to an adult. Similarly, a puzzle you would buy for a loved one may not be suitable as a corporate gift. Here are a few factors to consider while shopping for a jigsaw puzzle:

  • The number of pieces: The difficulty of the puzzle largely depends on the number of pieces. If you are buying it for a child, try to stick to around 100 pieces so that the child does not find it too difficult and loses interest. If an adult would be playing with the puzzle, jigsaws with more pieces are fine.
  • Theme: While shopping from the leading jigsaw puzzle brands, you may choose from a wide variety of designs and themes. Try to find a design based on age, personal preferences, or purpose. For instance, you could go for an abstract style, flora and fauna, landscape, and more.
  • Customizability: If you purchase wooden jigsaw puzzles Canada as gift items, you might want to go for a custom puzzle. This way, you may gift a loved one something unique. In the case of a corporate gift, you could get the puzzles to carry a message for the brand. Custom jigsaw puzzles are a great way to make your brand stand out.
  • Material: Different companies use different materials while making jigsaw puzzles. It is best to look for one that consists of pieces made of durable and non-toxic materials. Birchwood puzzle pieces, for instance, are lightweight yet long-lasting. Wood is also recyclable and eco-friendly, as it makes it a good choice for individuals concerned about the environment.
  • The shape of the puzzle pieces: The shape of the puzzle pieces is another factor that has an impact on the difficulty level. If you are looking for something simple, seek out a puzzle that comes with pieces of similar shapes and sizes. If you wish for a trickier puzzle, look for the ones that come with whimsy shapes mixed.

What makes wooden jigsaw puzzles Canada a perfect way to spend time?

There are several reasons why jigsaw puzzles have gained such popularity. These puzzles offer a great way to enjoy quality time.

  • Engaging: The right jigsaw puzzle can keep one engaged for a long period, which makes these puzzles perfect for recreation. You could always explore through different difficulty levels to find the right puzzle for your child.
  • Health benefits: Solving jigsaw puzzles is great for mental health and aids in the development of the brain. Remembering the pictures and restoring them from the puzzle is a great way to sharpen one’s memory. These puzzles also help to boost imagination, concentration, and mindfulness.
  • Safe: Even for children, jigsaw puzzles are perfectly safe. All you have to do is follow the manufacture’s warnings regarding minimum age limits, to avoid choking hazards. The leading brands cover the pieces in non-toxic coatings.

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