What is a Fractional CMO and Why You Should Look for It?

Fractional CMO

fractional cmo

A Fractional CMO is a for-hire Chief Marketing Officer who brings specialized marketing management to businesses so that they do not have to hire an in house marketing expert.

Instead, you can seek out a Fractional CMO through an executive staffing firm, or you can align yourself with a marketing agency to get the right person to work for your in house team. Whatever path you take, you will be making a big impact on your company’s bottom line.

A Fractional CMO is a hiring in addition to hiring out – an individual will come into your business and perform a specific number of tasks for you. These may include but are not limited to: posting on social media sites, blogging, participating in online forums, running and managing a Twitter or Facebook account, as well as handling any customer interactions.

If your business does not currently employ a majority of these strategies, then it stands to reason that you could benefit by hiring one. Hiring a Chief Marketing Officer will free up your executive team and marketing strategy staff, while leaving you with the time and resources to continue working on other aspects of your business. It also gives your marketing team and leadership time to learn new skills, and positions you in a much more advantageous position.

When you have several marketing teams and leadership within your organization, often times there is resistance to integrate the different strategies. Hiring a fractional CMO, allows each team leader to get more work done, while freeing up time and resources for the rest of your organization.

When your marketing department, leadership, and other team members are freed up to focus on their tasks, you can get more done in less time, increasing overall profitability. Click here to know more.

Another reason why you should look for a fractional  CMO when hiring one is that it provides a fresh perspective from outside of your business. A new perspective is vital to help your marketing team, leadership, and other employees to develop new and creative strategies. This will allow you to see how to expand your goals, as well as help your current goals to become more attainable. You will be able to tailor your hiring practices to meet the needs of your individual business requirements and desires.

For most small-business owners, hiring a professional marketing specialist on a temporary basis, such as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer job, is an excellent way to maintain your business while you evaluate your marketing options and perform due diligence on your long-term marketing strategy.

As a part-time marketing specialist, you’ll gain the expertise of a full-time marketing leader at a fraction of the cost and shorten the learning curve associated with a traditional marketing position. You’ll have more time to focus on increasing your customer base and developing new products or services.

However, you may not have the time to completely fill a full-time marketing position. A part-time job will allow you to keep your existing customers satisfied, while performing the necessary marketing duties for your part-time business.

If you are starting your own online marketing company, such as a boutique store, boutique website, or specialty clothing shop, hiring a professional marketing executive on a temporary basis can be the difference between success and failure.

Most traditional positions require a full-time commitment. On-demand positions do not. Instead, you will only be required to spend a few days on a project, allowing you to gauge your results and make any necessary adjustments before moving in to a full-time position.


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