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Health Benefits of Eating Crab Legs

Health Benefits of Eating Crab Legs

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King crabs, likewise referred to as stone crabs, are a family of crustaceans commonly found primarily in cool seas. They’re huge in size, in short supply, and also have a delicious skin which permits them to be a delicacy. King crab legs are a particularly popular dish which offers lots of nutritional benefits, including a proper dose of omega-3 essential fatty acids, protein and lots of minerals and vitamins.


Probably the most widely found as well as offered species will be the red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus). Based on the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, the very best meat of the king crab is in the lower limbs. Not like any other crabs, king crabs have just 6 legs (versus eight). The entire body of the crab provides very little meat and in most cases would go to canners. King crabs have been abundant up until the early 1980s. Next came a shortage created by water temperature changes along with other environmental factors. Since that time, the cost has over doubled and they’re less accessible.

Diet Basics

An Alaskan king crab leg (134g) prepared and also served plain, provides 130 calories, 2.1g of extra fat ,.2g of fat that is saturated, and also 0 trans fat, carbohydrate, soluble fibre and sugar. One leg of the previously serving size supplies approximately 26g of protein, which makes it a great source of protein, although it’s much leaner compared to exactly the same quantity of beef. Even though king crab is a supply of cholesterol, with approximately 71 mg per serving, it will never be stayed away from because of this as trans and saturated fat (which aren’t in crab legs) have a much more negative influence on blood cholesterol levels.

Full of Omega 3 Fat

The majority of the weight at a king crab leg is heart healthy unsaturated fat (.2 gram of monounsaturated .7g as well as fat of polyunsaturated fat). King crab is loaded with a category of important polyunsaturated essential fatty acids known for the health advantages and present in all seafood: omega-3 essential fatty acids. One serving provides 614 mg of omega 3 essential fatty acids, which makes it a great food supply for this nutrient. Based on the American Heart Association, omega 3 essential fatty acids are anti-inflammatory as well as help reduce low density lipoprotein (LDL or perhaps “bad”) cholesterol from adhering to artery walls.

Discover the Incredible Health Benefits of Seafood

Food that is good Source of Vitamins Like remaining seafood types, king crab legs are nutrient dense, which makes them a great food option. They’re a great food supply of vitamin C, offering 10.2g per serving, or maybe 13.5 % of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA), 68.3mcg of folate, or maybe seventeen % of the RDA and also a whopping 15.4 mcg of vitamin B12, or perhaps over 200 % of the RDA. Vitamin C helps with wound healing and strengthens the immune system, and folate & vitamin B12 are essential for white blood cell development, along with some other features.

Food that is excellent Source of Minerals King crab legs are a great food supply of magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, copper as well as zinc. One leg provides 84 mg of magnesium, or maybe twenty % of the RDA; 375mg of phosphorus, or perhaps over fifty % of the RDA; 53.5mcg of 10.2mg and selenium of zinc, almost hundred % of the RDA for each; and 1.6mg of copper, and approximately seventy five % of the RDA. These minerals do a range of features of the entire body, which includes white blood cells as well as protein formation, bone health, along with the body’s immune system function. Regrettably, king crab legs are loaded with sodium since they’re a saltwater species. One leg has much more than 1,400mg of salt, so all those watching the sodium intake of theirs must consume king crab legs with extreme caution.

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