How to Start Packing and Moving Business?

How to Start Packing and Moving Business?

Are you looking for any business ideas to be an entrepreneur or looking for business ideas to build your start-up?

With the help, modern technology and easily accessible internet connectivity have changed people’s psychology around the business. Most people are very interested in doing business rather than following those traditional 9-5 jobs.

If you are interested in the logistics business and want to start your business around the sector of logistics or transporting business, then this article is only for you. You will get an overview and vision of creating a packing and moving company in Indore.

In this article, we will cover all the necessary aspects of packing and moving companies that will help you build your own business around the packing and moving industry.

Packing and moving companies are those companies that belong to the service sector, not in the product. Packing and moving companies are helping people to relocate their house, office, warehouse, etc. Also, they cover all the necessary kinds of relocating stuff like packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking, reassembling, etc.

Also, those packing and moving companies relocate vehicles, pets and plants. Overall a packer and movers can relocate all the stuff of a house and office by providing end-to-end services.

Let’s know how to start packing and moving business in India without wasting time.

What is Packing and Moving Business?

The packing and moving business is a services-based business that helps people relocate their goods, vehicles, pets, and plants to their destination at an affordable price.

You need to know some basic things before diving in to learn more about how to start a packing and moving business in India. Packing and moving companies never get their clients daily because very people or firms will relocate their goods. But you can generate a high-ticket revenue through those few clients.

What are the Services of a Packing and Moving Company?

A packing and moving business can provide a broad range of services to many sectors and individual businesses. It can avail their services for the family person to business owners to shift their offices and homes. you can see below those services that can be provided by packing and moving business

  • Local shifting
  • Industrial shifting
  • House and office relocation
  • Commercial and industrial relocation service
  • Packing and unpacking service
  • Car and Bike relocation
  • Door to door service
  • Warehouse and goods storage service
  • Pet Relocation
  • Plant relocation

Packing and moving businesses provide those services by visiting their customer’s doorstep. If by any chance, customers can’t afford full relocation service, then packing and moving companies can avail their few services like only packing and unpacking service or transporting service.

Who is Your Targeted Customer?

Before starting a business, you need to know who is your targeted customers. It’s obvious that people are not relocating their houses and offices every day. Very few people often shift their houses and offices. So there are some specific types of customers who will needy for packer and movers.

The people who live in a rented house or are changing their hometown for job and business opportunities are the potential customers for packers and movers. You can’t measure your potential customers because It depends on many reasons like many family persons are changing their houses on some special occasions. In the pandemic and rainy season, very few businesses and peoples think about shifting their houses and offices.

Terms and Conditions of Packers and Movers?

Basically customers choose packing and moving services for hassle-free relocation. They don’t want to risk or damage the whole relocation process. There are very much higher risks and responsibilities for packing and company while relocating customers households. People often choose packers and movers to decrease their headaches and pressure.

Apart from all these, there’s one more thing that is very important for any business: valuing your commitment and words. You should always stick to your words and do what you have promised your customer you will do.

Also, one more important thing is the price. As a packers and movers owner, you cant increase your relocation price after disclosing your relocation cost by looking at their households.

If you have any additional charges or schemes, you must inform your customers. Basically, you should operate a packing and moving business by maintaining transparency because many precious items are involved in the relocation process.

Never think about manipulating customers by increasing their relocation price by providing a valid reason after an order. The Indian Government makes many rules and regulations for customers and businesses, and if you violate them, you have to shut down your business or get a high ticket fine.

Necessary Documents

There are many necessary documents for the company to start, like their registration certificate, PAN card, company ban account, etc. To gain customers’ beliefs, you need to make all those necessary documents. Here are some of the necessary documents,

  • Company registration certificate
  • Company PAN card
  • TIN number
  • GST certificate
  • Bill Book
  • Local trading certificate

How to Start Your Own Packing and Moving Business?

While starting a business, many things need to consider investment, planning, working area, human resources, transport connection, etc. Most importantly need to register your company. So let’s know about the complete procedure of starting packing and moving business in India.

Select Your City

The location or city you choose plays an important role in the growth of your business or company. All the mega-cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, etc., are already full of packers and movers companies. There are already many packers and movers companies, so it may be a little tough for you to find customers for you.

If you think those big cities are not profitable for you, you can also select some small cities to start your business. One of the important things is that nowadays, each business is operated online to manage your business by sitting in your home.

Branch Offices

To expand and capture numerous customers, you need to build your company’s branch offices in the different popular cities in India like Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, etc. Your branch offices will gain the trust of your customers.

Don’t worry. Many people are ready to collaborate with your business. To scale up your brand, you can build your packing and moving business as a franchise business.

Select an Awesome Brand Name

One of the most important things is the company name. Many companies in the past got popular with their brand name. Your brand name is the symbol and reflection of your business, so always choose a nice and short well-sounding name.


At first, you need to measure your investment. While planning to start packing and moving business, you need to write all the necessary expenses like office setup costs, electric bills, human resources, company registration, etc. We give some of the information about the average cost, you can see

  • Office setup ( Computer, printers, chair, tables, other necessary stuffs) : 60k – 200k
  • Company registration: 5k – 25k
  • Buffer fund for reach break-even point : 2 lakh + Monthly expenses
  • Transportation Cost ( You can choose third-party services)
  • Buying packaging materials (10k-20k)
  • Website ( 20k-50k)

Make Connection With Some Third-party Services

After completing all the necessary paperwork, you must collaborate with some transporting service to relocate your customer’s households. Most of the time people think to relocate their customer’s goods by making their own transport chain. Building a transport chain all over India is easy and it will need a huge investment.

Many packers and movers are operating their transportation by collaborating with third-party services. This is a cost-effective method to minimize your cost.

Build Website/Apps

Every business has its own website and app that represent its trustworthiness. You can also generate a numerous number of clients through websites. To build a website, you need to hire some developers that will cost you around 20k to 50k. After making a website, you need to hire an online marketer who can promote your packing and moving service online.

Tools and Equipment’s

The types of tools and equipment you would require in the packers and movers business like packing materials, packing tapes, moving equipment, etc., which your team can use for packing and moving the goods. So, while estimating your budget, consider this expense too.

Hire Skilled Employees

Then it would be best if you had some skilled person to operate your business. Never go with fresher to avoid losses in your business. Usually, people hire fresher to minimize their cost, which will increase your time to reach the breakeven point.

Promote Your Brand

Promoting and marketing your brand is a major part of a business. You can use the internet and social media to promote your brands. Nowadays, promoting online is very effective compared to offline or by running paper ads. You can provide t-shirts, caps, etc., to the employee to promote your brand.


This post gave you all the necessary information about how to start a packing and moving business in Indore. We cover all the basic things and necessary investments to help you to build your packing and moving business.