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How To Train Your Dragon Homecoming Review

How To Train Your Dragon Homecoming Review

How To Train Your Dragon Homecoming is an animated short film directed and written by Tim Johnson and released in Autumn 2020. It was one of the three original How To Train Your Dragons films released to wide release in North America, the other two being How To Train Your Pterodactyl and How To Train Your King Crab. It also marked the first full appearance of the character Hiccup in How To Train Your Dragon movies.

how to train your dragon homecoming

How To Train Your Dragon Homecoming Story

The plot of How To Train Your Dragons Homecoming revolves around Hiccup, who is now nineteen years old and a part of the dragon tribe. His best friend Toothless is missing, and he feels that he should go out and find him. He knows his father is in hiding, but wants to go out on his own. His mother, who is very protective, lets him out to search for him – only to discover that Hiccup is already there.

Hiccup discovers that dragons have a home, and the home of his childhood friend Toothless. The four friends decide to train to be part of the dragon tribe, and learn how to protect themselves, their dragon friends and their kingdom. But when Toothless is killed in the film, Hiccup vows to continue the quest until he is ready to become king of all dragons.

As part of the animated series, How To Train Your Dragons Homecoming also featured the return of Princess Merida, who became king in the series’ first movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Although she does not have much in the way of her own personality, she and Hiccup form a close bond, and are often seen together onscreen. Hiccup is not allowed to touch her, but is allowed to feed off her magical energy – giving him a unique power source to use during battle.

The plot of How To Train Your Dragons Homecoming also features the appearance of other characters from previous films, including Floki, the leader of the evil dragons, and Queen Medusa, who plays the role of the villain in the second film. Although the roles of these other characters were relatively small in the films that they appeared in, they did not receive as much attention as the other members of the dragons tribe.

One aspect of the plot that has received a lot of criticism in the press about How To Train Your Dragons Homecoming is that it was made on a shoestring budget. This meant that it was likely that the animation wasn’t the most sophisticated that is had been done in the past, and some people felt that the film fell flat with the poor quality of the dialogue and direction.

Despite this, fans of How To Train Your Dragons Homecoming were happy with the film and were pleased with the end result. It received a lot of positive reviews and is still being released today as part of the series of How To Train Your Dragons movies.

In the final scene of How To Train Your Dragons Homecoming, Hiccup returns from his journey and the group is greeted by their parents, who welcome him back and tell him that they will always love him. He tells them that the rest of the group is welcome to join them, which they do. and enjoy a game of cards with them before taking a break to get ready for the next step. As Hiccup leaves, the group sets off to find the home of the other dragon tribe.

Movie also has a number of Easter Eggs throughout the film that fans of the show might have missed, so it can be worth watching the film again to see them. At one point, after Hiccup has left, King Crabfoot calls his daughter to come to the castle. When the girl arrives, she finds out that the king’s daughter has been kidnapped by the evil queen, who was actually looking for an egg that can make her powerful.

How To Train Your Dragon Homecoming also includes a lot of special effects, and a number of special shots. Some of the special effects in the film were impressive, especially for its time, including the dragon-like creatures that fly in and out of the screen, and a huge dragon that leaps out of a huge hole in the ground.

Overall, How To Train Your Dragon Homecoming is a fun and exciting film. It is also a fantastic start to the series of How To Train Your Dragon movies, as well as providing fans of the franchise with a lot of content for future episodes.

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