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Impact of COVID-19 on Education in India

Impact of COVID-19 on Education in India

At the beginning when COVID-19 strike the world, nobody would have imagined this COVID-19 will drastically change the world. This change was seen in every field and in every aspect including schools, colleges, Parks, Offices, and other organizations. This change has had a huge impact on people’s lifestyles that was highly affected.

At starting phase government shut down the daily routine of every province only for the purpose of decreasing this spreading COVID- 19. This COVID-19 pandemic has its effect on both sides Positive as well as Negative. As the fear about the virus was spreading at high speed in people, at the same time this pandemic has also open developing new creativity and learning new techniques. Schools started online classes for competing against the losses. Most of the works was conducted from home using digitalized techniques, office work and other work was resume online by Work from home. The aim was one and only to reduce and give full stop to this deadly Pandemic.

However there was numerous positive impact on the field of education and training from the COVID-19 flare-up, but the negative impact of COVID- 19 were something that should not be ignored.

How the education industry is affected by Covid 19.

This pandemic creates a heavy mess in everyone’s lifestyle. Though online lectures were started there were many who can’t afford those smartphones with internet connectivity. There was a network issue in many regions, many people were unable to manage and afford this high technology. Many were not able to manage the devices. No extra-curricular activities were performed, nothing was done practically. There was a lot of confusion created among everyone because of postponed meetings and exams.

But even in this pandemic era, few schools maintain their day-to-day working with ease and keep students engage and not affect their studies. BVRTSE is one of these schools.


Our school Bharati Vidyapeeth Rabindranath Tagore School of Excellence is motivated by the lessons of the honorable Shri Rabindranath Tagore, situated in Balewadi, Pune. We are one of the top international board school helping students to build the career with a strong base.

best igcse school in pune Institute encourages arts and culture and different extra co-curricular activities for students. BVRTSE additionally focus on student future building with practical impressions and experiences. Teachers, authoritative staff, and the whole workforce of BVRTSE motivate and help students and make them feel very comfortable and secure. Teachers are capable of IGCSE educational program prepared teachers refreshed with the most recent patterns in schooling at International levels. BVRTSE is among the top IGCSE school in India.

As this Pandemic is an ongoing disease, everyone started virtual classes with a variety of activities and smooth learning to meet all the losses which came across this COVID- 19. Even BVRTSE staff are coping to their best level to furnish students with thought processes. BVRTSE knows that because of distant virtual classes, it is challenging for physical and social advancement, but that’s beyond human control. Institute tries to deal with these difficulties and challenges in a unique way and also prioritizes giving quality knowledge to the students.

The world needs to accept this crisis and change its mentality and should go with this flow by developing and maintaining individuals in a creative way. And our institute, staff, and teachers are always awaiting to do your help and trying to improve the condition and meet the student’s demand for learning.

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