Is A Nonprofit Management Degree Course Worth It?


 nonprofit management degree

The qualifications you obtain through completing professional courses go a long way in shaping your career. Hence, before you opt for a nonprofit management degree, you would want to make sure that the course is worth it. A course in nonprofit management essentially readies candidates for jobs in the nonprofit private or public sector. Reputed academic institutions like Bush School offer training in nonprofit management. Completing the course from a reliable institution would essentially prove to be beneficial for one’s career. 

Who should apply for a nonprofit management certification?

A degree in nonprofit management is naturally, valuable to individuals who plan to build a career in this field. In contemporary times, job seekers look for more than just high remuneration. Employees also seek jobs where they would find a personal sense of purpose. A nonprofit manager is essentially one of the best positions for such candidates. It can help a candidate fulfill his/her dreams of helping the world while maintaining a good job profile. 

Why is a nonprofit management training course important?

Like most training or academic courses that prepare individuals for attractive job roles, a nonprofit management course would certainly prove to be valuable. There are several reasons why completing such a course would be a logical choice:

A specialized course that shares similarities with MBA

Nonprofit Management (NPM) is essentially a specialized course focusing on this field. However, it shares several similarities with MBA courses. Both NPM and MBA cover topics like resource management, which are relevant while managing an NPO or a business. Now, it is a well-known fact that MBA is an extremely popular course due to the various key skills it helps to develop. Why would you choose an NPM course over an MBA then?

A nonprofit management course, while similar to MBA in certain aspects, offers knowledge tailored for application in NPOs rather than businesses. Some of the topics that are unique to a master’s in nonprofit management include:

  • NPO management
  • Fundraising
  • Initiative planning
  • Annual fund management
  • Overall development for an NPO
  • And more

Thus, even though MBA is usually more popular, a degree in nonprofit management would be more valuable to candidates preparing for jobs in the nonprofit sector. 

Development of critical NPO management skills

The primary purpose of completing a nonprofit management training course is to learn the skills you would need while managing an NPO. The course would prepare you for the job role by developing practical skills in alignment with the current trends. On completing a course in nonprofit management, individuals gain a better understanding on solving various challenges that NPOs tend to face. Just like businesses, NPOs would carefully consider your core competencies before assigning you a key position. An institute affiliated with the latest curriculum should be able to help you develop the most crucial skills. 

Readying for various certifications

Like any other field of work, there are several certifications that you might want to obtain while building a career in nonprofit management. The most appropriate certification would not only make you eligible for your dream job but also help you stand out from the crowd. However, you would always need to prepare well for the certifications, and a degree in nonprofit management can be of great help. 

Apart from helping you meet the eligibility criteria for various certifications, a master’s in NPM would enrich you with valuable knowledge. This knowledge and experience would be helpful while preparing for the accreditations you need. 


Nonprofit management is a rather vast field of work and requires professionals with specific skills. If you wish to build a career in nonprofit management, you might want to develop your skills in your areas of interest. Undergoing an NPM training course would help you specialize in fields like:

  • Fundraising
  • Project Management
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Social Innovation
  • Social Media Analytics

Thus, completing a degree course in nonprofit project management can help you develop a specialized and robust career in this field. 

Practical experiences

The leading institutes provide their students with ample real-world learning experiences. While undergoing an NPM degree course at such an institution, you may expect plenty of exposure to actual experiences. There would be several hands-on sessions that offer practical knowledge. Ultimately, all this experience would come in handy in the long run. 

Not only is it easier to pass your exams when you hold practical knowledge and experience, but it is also beneficial when you get a job. Experience gained through the course would help you perform your job responsibilities with more success and efficiency.  

It is worth completing a course in nonprofit management. If you are looking forward to strengthening your foothold in this field, you may enroll yourself in the program at Bush School. We are an esteemed academic institution with an excellent track record. You may call us at (206) 322-7978 to contact us if interested.