Best 5 Landscaping Contractors in Dallas TX

With the increasing popularity of landscaping, more people are looking for landscaping contractors. A landscaping contractor is a professional who designs and constructs gardens and other landscaping projects. They are a group of professionals who are trained in a variety of landscaping techniques and can be hired to do different types of projects depending on what the client wants. They are trained professionals who are adept at designing projects that will enhance the look and texture of the landscape. In addition, they are trained and skilled in the use of various landscaping tools, equipment and chemicals. This article gives some helpful information on landscaping contractors.

1. Earthworks Inc

earthworks inc, best 5 landscaping contractors in dallas tx

EarthWorks, Inc. is established in 1979. It is a full-service commercial landscape management company. Their difference lies in their commitment to the highest quality service to each one of their customers.

EarthWorks provides premier, full-service landscape management services for multi-family and commercial properties. By consistently delivering superior quality and service, EarthWorks has become one of the most respected commercial landscaping firms throughout Texas.

2. Gurrero Landscaping

guerrero landscaping

When it comes to the landscape of your home, you need landscapers in Dallas that will transform your yard into a space you’re proud to showcase. Since 2013, Guerrero Landscaping in Dallas, TX, has utilized our experience in the industry to satisfy customers in our community. Offering comprehensive landscaping solutions and services, they will provide everything from unique and functional hardscapes to seamless sod installation and high-quality irrigation and sprinkler systems.

3. CGreens Landscape Management


In 1980 during one of the hottest summers on record, Chuck Green set out to provide the highest quality landscape irrigation installation and sprinkler system repair services available in the DFW area. The word quickly spread from one delighted client to another about Chuck’s focused attention to details and strong work ethic. 36 years later Chuck and his team are still committed to providing the highest quality landscaping services in the state while testing the status quo.

4. Prestonwood Landscape Services, LLC

prestonwood landscaper

Protection against the unexpected is a critical (and sometimes overlooked) aspect in hiring a commercial landscape company. As part of their commitment to their customers and to their own business practices, Prestonwood Landscape maintains Umbrella Liability Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Automobile Liability Insurance and Workmen’s Compensation Liability Insurance. They supply customers proof of insurance within 1 to 3 business days in most cases.

5. Lawns Of Dallas

lawn of dallas

Lawns of Dallas is a full-service landscape company providing a comprehensive suite of commercial and residential services to DFW since 1982. For almost 40 years, they have worked hard to provide excellent service to each client with with an eye for detail and quality.

They believe their Team is the best there is. They are trained, certified, uniformed and use the latest equipment and clean vehicles.