Notable Reasons To Style Moonstone Jewelry

Notable Reasons To Style Moonstone Jewelry

notable reasons to style moonstone jewelry

Moon and its enticing beauty always attract the attention of people. Imagine styling enchanting moon beauty in the form of gemstone jewelry. Dazzling moonlight and its connection with the moon’s energies make Moonstone a desirable crystal to get worn.

As a result, the tempting stone of Moon energies gets listed among World’s most beautiful gemstones.

Moonstone and its meaning relate to sacred feminine energy. Therefore, it also gets addressed as the ” Selenite” Henceforth, it got named after Greek Goddess Selene. Sacred gemstone is also associated with the third anniversary of married couples.

Therefore, surprise your loved ones by gifting them Moonstone Jewelry. Earrings, pendants, and bracelets are some accessories that you can give or purchase. Selenite gemstone is a stone of emotions. It helps the wearer to dwell deep into one’s self for searching for inner wisdom. Extremely comforting divine feminine energies allow the wearer to feel warmth and compassion.

Another famous gemstone among jewelry lovers is Opal. Its excellent and sparkling play of colors makes it a gorgeous crystal. People wear Opal gemstones for good fortune and luck. People mostly wear Opal jewelry in the form of a ring as colorful Opal crystal helps the couple to live a blissful married life. Apart from looking graceful, it is a good option if you want a cost-effective marital ring.

Ancient Tale of Moonstone

The Moonstone crystal got its name from an old myth. As mentioned, the sacred stone consists of soothing moon rays just after they cooled down on the earth’s surface. According to Hindu trust, Moonstone is a firmed ray of moonlight. Romans also assumed that the genuine Selenite stone had the celestial energy of the Moon connected with Goddess Luna. Therefore, sacred stones get used as jewelry throughout the ages. The meaning of Moonstone in the artistic era got used in the form of ornament.

Astrological Perspective of Selenite Crystal

The Sacred stone gets ruled by the planet Moon. Moon controls an individual’s essential habits, behavior, needs, and emotions. The holistic personality of a person reflects through this.

Moonstone is a June birthstone. One should always wear gemstones as per astrological and planetary movement confirmation. Like the sacred stone February Birthstone Amethyst, the purple color connects with the crown Chakra.

Turquoise is another famous gemstone that remains timeless from ancient to modern times. Its blue color and unique patterns make it an ideal gem to get crafted in the form of ornament.

People wear Turquoise Jewelry as it looks good with every attire. Bluestone is a December birthstone. But, since old age, it got recognition as a protective stone. Engaging bluish-green symbolizes intelligence, calmness, good fortune, and hope.

Advantages of Wearing Moonstone Jewelry

The sacred stone helps in balancing emotions. Therefore, females should wear ornaments of Moonstone. As it balances their hormonal imbalance, improves the irregular menstrual cycle, and solves fertility issues.

Selenite stone wearers can feel improvement in their creative skills and self-esteem. In addition, magical Moonstone generates passion among lovers and unites them. Authentic Selenite crystal also corrects the sleep cycle. Raw Moonstone Ring looks unique due to its uncut rough Moonstone style. Genuine Moonstone gets an attractive appearance as a pendant and bracelet and earrings.

A wearer of a Selenite stone ring can charge it by dipping it in water overnight. One should always use a soft brush for cleaning Moonstone. Keep the sacred stone away from chemical solutions or cosmetics.

Moonstone ornament wearer feels lesser aggressive by bringing peace and balance. The Larimar is another gemstone that leads to soothing vibes and clearing of thoughts. It is also known as Atlantis Stone. People wear Larimar Jewelry to feel peaceful and calm, just like the sea from within.