What’s new in Rolex? Top 3 releases of the year.

The history of watchmaking is parallel to the history of Rolex. Founded in 1905, the brand strives in the quest for excellence. Since its very inception, it has been a symbol of invention. Wilsdorf was a visionary who saw potential in the world of time telling and his inventions remain milestones in the world of watches. The brand has come a long way since then and has stayed true to its aims. The Rolex new watch releases happen annually where they release redesigned models and sometimes even discontinue previous models. In 2022, the top releases that stood out were the GMT Master II (left-handed) in green, the remodelled Air King and the new Datejust 36mm and 41mm with a green dial.

From the revised Rolex Cosmograph Daytona to the revised GMT Masters, let’s dive into the Rolex new launches of 2023! 

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

rolex cosmograph daytona

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch is an iconic design which stands out for its chronometric precision. The Calibre 4131 – has been introduced in 2023. The power reserve of the watch is 72 hours and it looks absolutely iconic for its design. The iconic Daytona is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2023. This occasion calls for a new lineup with small modifications here and there. However, for us Rolex junkies these changes are surely fascinating. Rolex is known for its timelessness and the classics that it keeps on updating. The Rolex Daytona watches of 2023 are 18k gold and platinum envelopes and have flat fleets and wider case profiles as well. The case styles for all the 2023 releases will remain constant. Another modification for this year’s version is a metal frame surrounding the Cerachrom bezel of the Daytona. This iconic framing style goes way back to 1965 when Oyster Daytona was first introduced. The case diameter and the lug are comparatively wider in size. When compared side by side, there are some quick noticeable changes between the previous and revised versions. The crowns for the point lugs placed on the previous models are replaced with crown guards that are more pronounced.

The GMT Master II

gmt master ii

The GMT Master II is considered a Rolex classic and the brand has outdone itself with its upgrades of 2023. This piece was first introduced in 1955 and has been appreciated for its timeless designs and innovative craftsmanship since its invention. The 2023 versions have been redesigned in both stainless steel and yellow solid gold. These gold references are also waterproof. The Calibre 3285 movement is an in-house adaptation which was launched a few years ago. This movement is considered reliable and is COSC certified. It also has a 70-hour powered reserve. The 2023 GMT Master II has a chromatic display which provides clarity in low-light environments as well. The availability for both tones will be limited..

The Oyster Perpetual

the oyster perpetual

Rolex new watch releases of 2020 were a cultural reset because the brand refrained from using its classic muted polishes and used a range of pastel candy-like colour palettes instead. The colours that were used included bold tones like turquoise blue and coral orange and other versions had the pink, classic blue and champagne combinations. The sizes were also versatile, with the largest frame being 41mm. These designs were carefully designed for the GenZ using fun colours which complement all wardrobe styles. The colourful 2020 collection got updated this year and the brand designed a watch with all possible colour combinations on one dial. From the iconic Tiffany Blue to cutesy pinks, the Oyster Perpetual 2023 is covered in these colours. This collection showcases true craftsmanship, appreciation for the creative motif and innovation that Rolex has always stood for.

As we can see, the Rolex new launches 2023 are worth all the hype. The brand has proved its artistry yet again with these models. Although some modifications may seem very small, they actually are curated thoughtfully and aim to provide the utmost functionality. The model that stood out the most for us has to be the redesigned Oyster Perpetual. The design is risky yet relevant to today’s aesthetics. It brings to light the new era of Rolex which is fun while being classy. The 2023 collections are a true depiction of what Rolex as a brand has always represented. They have definitely outdone themselves yet again by modifying timeless classics to redesigning funkier models. These collections are usually limited, and rightfully so. These are iconic pieces in the watchmaking industry which will surely pass the test of time. We are here for the new Rolex, one which redefines its own standards of excellence and is not afraid of invention.