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How to Use White Label Ice Packs?

How to Use White Label Ice Packs?

White Label Ice Packs

white label ice packs

Ice packaging is a whole lot more effective than you think. It doesn’t matter if the ice is for drinking, confectionery, pet food or another type of product – the right type of packaging will help ensure you get the product you want and need.

There are many types of ice packs and the right one for your business can depend on what you are trying to achieve. Think about the three primary types of packaging as you think about how to use white label ice packs. These include trays, packs and cases.

Trays are versatile and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are an excellent way of packaging any type of liquid or ice and they keep your products cool. The tray can be placed in a freezer so that the liquid stays cold while it sits on top of the tray.

Some trays have a handle on the top which allows customers to pull out the tray and pop their ice cream, beverages or sherbets in it themselves. This is particularly convenient for soft drinks or other food items that don’t lend themselves well to being packed by hand.

You can buy ready-made trays in a range of sizes and shapes from various brands. However these aren’t always the best idea for a business, as you may end up wasting money buying them in bulk and then having to keep all your products frozen while they sit in the warehouse. Click here to know more.

It’s much more cost effective to go for a custom made ice pack and then order your trays from them. These can then be delivered straight to your business with your packing details already provided so you can make sure your ice has gone to the correct place.

Cases are similar in style to trays, but are a little bigger and are specifically designed to pack ice and soft drinks. You can either buy a case of such a pack or have one custom-made for your company. The advantage of using a case is that it can be kept in one spot without having to be moved around. You may need to purchase extra cases though if your business tends to use the same ones more than once or uses a different size of ice pack .

What you get with these packs is an outer plastic sleeve which has a hole in for you to slip the tray in and push it down into the inner ice pack. The advantage of using this type of packaging is that you can be confident that the tray will remain securely in place and that your business will look professional if you supply this type of packaging with all of your products.

If you’re going to be selling items that you don’t know if your customers will ever use, then you can trust that they’ll appreciate the convenience of ordering from you. Plus, by providing this simple service, you can ensure that your business remains profitable.

These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself when thinking about how to use white label ice packs. The most important thing is that you provide your customers with a product that is hassle free and stylish.

When you’re uncertain about how to use these, there are plenty of options out there. Take your time to research the different types you can buy and find one that fits in well with your business needs. If you keep these things in mind, you can have a successful product that your customers will love and be happy to buy. Searching for Customized Gel Ice Packs, Contact Us.

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