5 Best Commercial Washing Machine Brands in 2022

Commercial Laundry Equipment’s are necessary for a variety of industries. Many of these machines utilize defoamers and scale-inhibiting formulations to make the process easier. In addition, some industrial washers have full drying sections. This can add another layer of functionality to the wash. And, since industrial washers are so widely used, there are plenty of options to suit any need.

The Commercial Laundry Equipment’s is typically built with stainless steel or plastic components to withstand the rigors of a high-volume work environment. Aside from its high-efficiency, this machine can be easy to maintain. Its design makes it more efficient and reliable, and its energy-saving features can reduce energy costs and environmental impact. It is also more durable and can withstand a heavy workload.

An Commercial Laundry Equipment’s is an extremely efficient way to clean heavy-duty fabrics. A family-style washer is only able to wash fabrics up to 6-12 kilograms per batch. In contrast, an industrial washer can take up to 300 kilograms of material at once and is designed to deal with the toughest jobs. In addition to being more efficient, industrial-grade machines also feature user-friendly controls, so that they are easier to operate.

1. Dexter Laundry Inc.

dexter laundry equipment logo

Dexter Laundry, Inc. has been a leader in the commercial and on-premise laundry industries since the company was founded more than a century ago. Today, our employee owned company offers a complete line of front loading washers, dryers and laundry management systems helping commercial laundry owners and on-premise laundry managers experience greater success. Headquartered in Fairfield, Iowa U.S.A. nearly 600 Dexter employees work to engineer, manufacture, sell and support our best in class commercial and On-Premise Laundry (OPL) laundry products around the world.

2.  Maytag


maytag logo

Maytag. For over 100 years, the name has stood for something that’s as important today as it ever was: dependability. In fact, they have never strayed from a focus on better-built equipment that delivers remarkable reliability, day after day. Their roots go back more than a century with the Maytag appliance company, which gave the Maytag® Commercial Laundry brand its launch in 1956.

3. Continental Girbau Inc.

best commercial washing machine continental logo

The company’s flagship brand, Continental, serves the needs of on-premise and vended laundries with a lineup of commercial products, including washer-extractors, ironing systems, drying tumblers, folders and stackers. Each machine is specifically engineered to maximize laundry throughput and production; cut utility usage and overhead costs; deliver unsurpassed performance and reliability; and boost profits, quality and ease-of-operation.


whirlpool equipment logo

Trusting Whirlpool for your commercial laundry needs might seem like a sure thing. After all, it’s one of the most recognized names in the industry. But if you need convincing, consider this:

  • Whirlpool® washers and dryers offer energy-efficient equipment that saves money and builds profits
  • Outstanding features and quality at an exceptional value
  • Stylish designs to make your business or facilities attractive.

5. LG

 lg logo

LG’s streamlined designed washer and dryer sets come in various styles and colors coupled with the options and performance you need.  Depending on your preference, both LG front-load and top-load washer and dryer models are designed to be energy and water efficient, while the top loading model might appeal to those looking for a more traditional design.


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