How to Get your Website in Google First Page?

Learn how to get your website in Google first page for your chosen keywords to maximize traffic.

There are a lot of SEO experts that give the same advice as the following, “the most important thing is to find the right keywords or keyword phrases and do keyword research”. This is sound advice and I know that it can be very time consuming, but if you spend more time doing this than anything else, you will learn how to get your website in Google first page for your chosen keywords. The way to rank on Google’s first page is to use proper keyword research and do some initial keyword research on a niche market.

how to get your website in google first page?

So, let’s say that we want to rank for Keyword “acne”. What are our options? Well first thing to do is to do some basic research in the keyword itself. For example, we could use Google’s own research tool such as the Advanced Search or Wordtracker. We can also use Wordtracker’s free report on niche market competition. The result of this research should give us a list of keywords that are relevant to our website.

Now, what about our keyword research? The best step by step to rank on the Google’s first page is to find a list of keywords that are not in the Top 1000. To do this, we need to perform keyword research on a smaller niche market. We will then find out what the competition for each of those keywords is.

Once we have found a list of keywords that we believe are relevant to our site, we need to do some search engine optimization on those keywords. The goal of this step is to make sure that we rank higher in the SERPS. We can achieve this by using anchor text in the links to our web pages.

So, what is the best step by step to rank on the Google’s first page? The first thing we need to do is to find relevant websites and blogs. We can do this by searching for the name of the blog or website in a search engine and then copying the URL. Now we need to insert the link into our content. Each time we create a new post, our web page should be updated with the link.

Step two is to do keyword research on the topic we are targeting. For example, if we are promoting the dog training business, we need to research which terms people are typing into search engines such as Google and Yahoo to get information on the subject. There are a lot of software programs out there that allow us to get this information for free. After we have done the keyword research, we want to build a list of keywords. Again, there are a lot of tools online that allow us to do this.

The third step is to publish quality content. It does not matter what you are promoting on your web page if people do not find it. If they do not find it, they will not be happy to bookmark it. You need to make sure that people will want to bookmark your content so you must spend time to produce high quality content. You can even out your posts by placing them in different categories which will increase the chances of both being ranked on the Google’s first page.

Once you have all three steps down pat, you will be able to get ranked on Google’s first page within a matter of weeks. In fact, it may take just a few days for you to reach the first page. But when you do get ranked on the Google’s first page, you will have a ton of potential visitors that will turn into customers. The more relevant your content is to the keywords searched for, the better chance you have of getting quality traffic to your website.