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7 Ways How Yoga Help you in Weight Loss

7 Ways How Yoga Help you in Weight Loss

7 ways how yoga help you in weight loss

Yoga has been practiced for over 5000 years, and for good reason. Not only does it help to increase flexibility and strength, but yoga can also be a great addition to a weight loss plan. In this article, we will discuss seven ways that yoga can help you lose weight.

1. Commitment to Regular Practice

The journey to weight loss begins with commitment. Whether it’s a gentle morning flow or a calming evening session, regularity is key. Committing to a specific yoga schedule will help to ensure that you are consistently incorporating yoga into your routine. This schedule could be as simple as practicing for 15 minutes every morning before work or attending a yoga class three times per week. Whatever your schedule looks like, make it a priority to stick to it.Over time, this commitment builds a foundation of strength, flexibility, and mindfulness, aligning your body and mind with your weight loss goals. 

2. Engagement in High-Intensity Yoga Classes

While there are many forms of yoga, some classes may be more intense than others. High-intensity yoga classes, such as power yoga or hot yoga, not only make you break a sweat but also torch calories effectively. Power yoga, for example, is a more athletic style of yoga that focuses on strength and endurance. Classes like these not only help with weight loss, but also offer a great cardiovascular workout. Join a local class or explore online options to find a style that resonates with you, adding an element of challenge and fun to your weight loss journey.

3. Stress Reduction for Weight Management

Stress often acts as a roadblock to weight loss. Yoga, with its holistic approach, offers stress-reducing techniques that extend beyond the physical poses. Incorporate deep breathing exercises, meditation, and mindfulness into your practice.  When we are stressed, our bodies produce cortisol, a hormone that encourages the body to store fat. One of the benefits of yoga is that it can help to reduce stress and lower cortisol levels. By practicing yoga, you can learn to focus on your breath, quiet your mind and find inner peace. This can lead to less overeating and better food choices.

4. Adoption of Mindful Eating Practices

Practicing mindfulness can be a great way to help with weight loss. Mindful eating is the practice of paying attention to each bite of food that you take. This means savoring the flavors and textures, and listening to your body’s cues for fullness. Yoga can help to cultivate mindfulness by teaching us to be present in the moment. By incorporating yoga into your weight loss plan, you may find yourself more aware of your eating habits and able to make better food choices.

5. Core Strengthening Poses for Metabolic Health 

Incorporating core-strengthening poses into your yoga practice can help to improve your metabolic health. A strong core can help to improve digestion and increase overall abdominal strength.Poses like plank, boat pose, and twists not only contribute to a strong core but also elevate your metabolic rate, supporting your weight loss journey from the inside out.

6. Balanced Cardio and Strength Training

Yoga can be a great way to balance out your cardio and strength training routine. When we exercise, our bodies release endorphins, which can help to reduce stress, improve mood and increase energy levels. By combining yoga with other forms of exercise like running or weight lifting, you can create a well-rounded workout routine that will help you to achieve your weight loss goals.

7. Yoga Poses for Enhanced Digestion

Yoga can be a great tool to help improve digestion. Certain poses like seated twists or downward dog can help to increase blood flow to the digestive system, improve circulation and reduce bloating. These poses can also help to calm the mind and reduce stress, which can be a major factor in digestive health.


In conclusion, yoga can be a great addition to any weight loss plan. By practicing yoga, you can strengthen your core, reduce stress and improve digestion, all of which can lead to better weight management. Making a commitment to regular practice, engaging in high-intensity yoga classes and adopting mindful eating practices are just a few of the ways that yoga can help in your weight loss journey. Remember to have fun with your practice and to listen to your body as you work towards your goals.

As the sun sets on your yoga-infused weight loss expedition, cherish the progress made, both on and off the mat. Embrace the beauty of this holistic approach, recognizing that the transformation extends beyond mere weight loss. Before you embark on this journey, consider delving deeper into the world of yoga by exploring a Yoga Instructor Course in Pune. This could be the next step towards not only personal well-being but also sharing the gift of yoga with others in your community. The path to holistic health and a balanced life awaits, and your journey has just begun.